In this article we will be teaching you how you can export your Google Calendar using Gcal2Excel and show you various summary features that you can use.

What is a Google Calendar

Here’s the deal- want to keep track of your life; you want to manage your events, special dates and plan your day to day activities but don’t want to burden yourself with the of use physical calendars and notes.

You want a simple and robust planning software where you can access and plan for your events and appointments anywhere and share them with your friends and colleagues with the touch of a button. What you need is a Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is a time-management web application and mobile app created by Google. It allows you to create planners called Google Calendars easily and intuitively. In a google calendar you can input your different events and plans and have the option to get a notification about them. Anyone who would like to plan their life electronically should look at Google Calendar.

If you have a google account you can easily use Google Calendar to manage your life. Simply access the application via the web at this site or download it at Google Play or the App Store.



In the exporter Tab you can set these additional options before you export your Google calendar/s. here you can access various options when exporting your google Calendar/s.



Merge all: check this box if you want to merge all events from multiple selected calendars into a single worksheet.

Sum all: check this box if you want to show the total calculated sum of all durations in your exported calendar/s.

Additional fields: check the fields that you want to be exported into your calendar here.
Day Total: Checking on this field will calculate the total number of days that of your google calendar events.

Display Name: Relevant If you exported Google Calendar/s  contain fields such as: “Created By:”, “Organized By:”, “Attendees”, and “Email” and your person is used in these fields.

You have the option of either  having your Full name OR Email Address exported in these fields.

Date Time Format


Format: Specify the Date/Time format of the exported calendar/s here.

Date Separator: Choose what date separator to use.

Clock Style: Specify what clock style you would like here

Duration: Choose duration settings. Be it in:

Hours: minutes: seconds

Hours: minutes

Hours (in decimal)

Separate Date and Time: Check this box if you want to put date and time into separate columns


Example 1:

Picture12 Picture7

Example 2:

Picture13 Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.07.20 PM



All-day Filter:

  • All day Events only – checking this option will only let events that last one whole day be exported.
  • Exclude All-day Events- checking this field will exclude all day events from being exported.

Search FilterEvents with the search keywords typed in the text box will be the only event included in the export.




I only want events with the keyword “Day” to be exported. The resulting export will look like this:


Note that all these events contain the word “day.”



Attendee fields:  Check what attendees you would like to be included in the exported calendar/s.

Attendee filters: Specify if you want to exclude the organizer or resource in the exported calendar/s.


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.08.18 PM

Timezone: Choose what time zone to use in your Google Calendar/s export in this dropdown menu

Exporting the Google Calendar/s

You’ve already selected the various Google Calendar Summary options and now all you have to do is to export.

Gcal2Excel can export your Google Calendar or Calendars (You can export more than one at a time) into various formats: XLSX, XLS (Microsoft Excel); CSV, HTML, and PDF.  Simply follow these steps

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.49.37 PM

  • Specify the range (start date and end date)


  • Click the file format you want your Google Calendar/s to be exported in


After a short while of processing a pop up should show appear prompting you to download your exported Google Calendar/s. Congratulations! You’ve just exported your google calendar.


What more you can do with the Google Calendar Export feature of Gcal2Exel.

Gcal2Exel is a very powerful Google Calendar Export tool.

When exporting your Google Calendar, you have the ability to access the various options in exporting your google calendar which changes its format and fields.

You can save your settings in a template so you can use it in a future Google Calendar Export.

Gcal2Exel has a feature called recurring exports where you can schedule Google Calendar exports that automatically gets sent unto your Gmail inbox periodically.